"In a small community it is important to know that our children are well cared for. Kidstown has become an extension of our community's elementary school and one I believe so much in, I have my own children there. The staff, environment and friendly atmosphere promote a learning and playing experience that compares to no other in the area. As Principal of the local community school, I am proud to recommend Kidstown to our community. Our school serves half-day preschool and Kidstown is an excellent option for those families needing more than a
2 1/2 hour program."
-Leia Ellis

"Kidstown Childcare is our boys home away from home. The pleasant staff, clan, home-like facility makes it so much easier for me, as a mom to rest at ease during the day while at work. We have a 3 1/2 year old who has been with Doris since he was 8 months old, and never once has told me that he didn't want to go to 'school.' He comes home with stories about his activities throughout the day. Seeing the interaction and the reaction of our 3 1/2 year old made it a no brainer for us to send our 12 week old there when I had to return to work. The smiles I get from both boys when I drop them off and pick them up makes us assured that they are getting the best of care. Kidstown is the place to be!!"
-Kevin and Krista Yeager

"I have known Doris Gibson and her family for 9 years. Doris is the most kindest - loving - nuturing woman I have ever met. My children love her - sometimes mroe than me!! LOL Doris has taken care of my three children like they were her very own. How comforting is that to know in a dangerous - sometimes unkind world - that I have found someone that loves and cares for my children like they were her own. I have to work so I am very thankful that I have a REAL MOM taking care of my children. I have soooo very thankful that Doris has had the opportunity to open a very deserved Childcare Center (a home away from home!) Doris has a wonderful, professional, welcoming staff. Your child will be loved, happy and most of all SAFE! Kidstown has been a blessing from above!!"
-Shelley and Russell Tucker

"We've had experience with other daycares, but none have exceeded our expectations like Kidstown. Our girls love going to daycare and they have a strong bond with the staff. Finding a daycare with a safe environment and a concerned, caring staff isn't easy but Kidstown has accomplished that. Our five year old very much enjoys the art projects and activities they provide and we can tell our one year old loves going to Kidstown by the way she greets the staff every morning with a big smile and open arms. We've been blessed to be able to find this hidden treasure in our small town."
-Colleen and Matthew Wurster

"I have never had to use a daycare until this year because my kids always stayed with family, but schedules did not allow that this year. I looked into Kidstown because it is local and not too far out of the way for me to get to work. I decided to send my daughter to Kidstown because they were extremely nice during our visit and they were very patient with her start date due to an illness. Seven months later, we LOVE it. Kidstown is a cross between home care and school. They have a very home like atmosphere but they do school like activities. My daughter comes home with lots of crafts and projects. The staff at Kidstown are very nice and understanding."
- Jamie Camp

"Having taught Pre-K myself for several years and after researching may daycare/preschool programs in Cape May County, we know that we have found the right environment for our son. The days and hours of operation are convenient. Fun and engaging activites are incorporated into the daily routine. We know our son is safe and being cared for by loving staff when we can not be with him."
- Amy and Michael McCorristin

"Gibson's Kidstown Childcare is the best daycare I have seen yet! I have a very fussy infant who does not adjust well and this daycare does an amazing job with her. She enjoys being there and we love the staff. More importantly, I know that she is being taken care of and I don't feel like she is 'just a paycheck' like other daycares. They really care about the kids and make us all feel like part of one big family."
- Maggie Langley